Bing Feng MK14 EBR

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Bing Feng MK14 EBR

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The BF MK14 Enhanced Battle Rifle is the latest evolution of the tried and true M14 rifle.  Originally brought in to service to replace the M1 Garand the M14 was replaced by the M16 when the US Army moved to a smaller calibre cartidge, the M14 was a favourite amongst soldiers and has remained in service in one form or another since the Vietnam war.  The EBR rifle is designed as a flexible platform the can be used as a Designated Marksman Rifle or even a squad machine gun.


Brand: Bing Feng

Model: MK14

Firing Mode: Full Auto

High Quality Nylon Construction

Approx 1:1 Scale

Mag Fed

Mag Primer

11.1v Battery

Full Length Alloy Barrel

Solid Buttstock

Thick Rubber Capped Buttstock

Adjustable Stock Length

Adjustable Cheek Plate

Metal Sling Attachment Points

Fixed Iron Sights

20mm Rails on All 4 Sides for Tactical Accessories

Full Length Top Rail

Foldable Bipod


Up to 250 Feet Per Second (220 FPS Average)Up to 15 Rounds per Second (11.1v Battery)Up to 25m Firing Distance